Return & Refund Policy

This policy was last modified on 05-MAY-2018

Thanks you for doing business with us we strive to serve you the better quality products and services, if you are not satisfied with any of your purchase, we are here to help you.

We offers a Life-Time Warranty on all iPhone LCDs and 1-Year Warranty on all other products. A new product can be replaced for another product or returned for a refund at current price.

PLEASE NOTE: Any Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge LCD With Touch that is installed (to any degree) will not be qualified for return.

Price changes are on daily basis current price of the product will be compensated.

To be qualified for a return, please make sure that:

  • The product isn’t damaged because of install
  • You can obtained a Return Merchandise Number (RMN) from us.

Products that do not meet these criteria will not be considered for return.

To obtain a Return Merchandise Number (RMN), contact us:

Shipping charges incurred in connection with the return of a product are refundable.

If you received a damaged product, please inform us immediately for assistance.

Sale items can be refunded.

If you have any questions about our Returns and Refunds Policy, please contact us:
• By phone number: 281-819-0667
• By email: [email protected]

Will Be Considered as RMA (iphones Only)

All iPhone LCD’s will be considered as RMA. 

  • Broken LCD Panel: We will accept iPhone LCD’s which have a broken LCD Panel.
return & refund policy - iphone2 - Return & Refund Policy
return & refund policy - iphone - Return & Refund Policy

Will Not Be Considered as RMA

  • Black Spot: If the LCD has a black spot (mostly in the edge series), it will be considered broken and will not be accepted by RMA.
return & refund policy - black spot - Return & Refund Policy
  • Tape/Back light Issues: If tape is removed while installation and the back light is damaged the RMA will not accept.
return & refund policy - back light - Return & Refund Policy
return & refund policy - back light2 - Return & Refund Policy
  • Ripped Flex: If the flexes are ripped RMA will not be considered.
return & refund policy - ripped - Return & Refund Policy
return & refund policy - ripped2 - Return & Refund Policy
  • Chipped Color: If the Color is chipped while removing, it will not be considered as RMA.
return & refund policy - chipped - Return & Refund Policy
  • Half-Display LCD: If the LCD has half-display it shall be considered broken and shall not be accepted.
return & refund policy - half display - Return & Refund Policy
  • Heavy Scratches: If the LCD is installed and has heavy scratches it will not be considered as RMA.
return & refund policy - h scratches - Return & Refund Policy
return & refund policy - hscratches2 - Return & Refund Policy
return & refund policy - h scratches3 - Return & Refund Policy
  • If LCD is broken while removing from board and LCD does not work, it will not be considered as RMA.
return & refund policy - lcd broken - Return & Refund Policy
  • Installed and No Power: RMA will reject if screen has no power and shows signs of damage (Heavy Scratches or Broken).
return & refund policy - no power - Return & Refund Policy
return & refund policy - no power2 - Return & Refund Policy

Will Be Considered by RMA

  • Bleeding Blue: If screen is bleeding blue the LCD will be considered RMA.
return & refund policy - bleeding blue - Return & Refund Policy
  • If is screen is having touch issues after installation, remove it from the board and check the LCD if it is still working and not broken.
return & refund policy - pict - Return & Refund Policy

Other things to consider:

  • Check the LCD before installation, RMA will be considered only if the part is not tampered with.
  • Kindly also consider shipping the broken screens in a box instead of a shipping envelope.